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Hydronic Heating Specialist

Your RV heating solutions, providing full service at our repair facility as well as mobile service and repair. We provide comprehensive annual maintanence service and repair as recommended by the manugacturer. 

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Details of service below.

Aqua-Hot / Webasto / Hydro-Hot Annual RV Service we perform:


*Test run the diesel burner

*Replace the fuel filter

*Remove the diesel burner and inspect 

*Check fuel pressure with gauge and adjust to specs

*Change the fuel nozzle

*Check grommets and replace if needed

*Check photo disc and replace if needed

*Clean and inspect the burn chamber and flame swirler

*Clean electrodes and check all wiring

*Adjust electrodes to proper gap

*Clean and check operation of the photo-eye

*Check both AC and DC voltage

*Check electric heating element for proper operation

*Check all pumps for proper operation

*Inspect fuel lines

*Cycle the heating unit and check for proper operation

*Check the antifreeze level and test for optimal transference